Each company has specific needs, so we offer you the opportunity to meet our experts in order to consider all possible avenues in the improvement of your IT management.

First and foremost, our process consists of understanding your organization and its character.

This method allows us to validate whether our services are compatible with your operations. Above all, we seek to demonstrate an honest approach with our potential clients.



Once you become our customer, you will no longer have to maintain any IT infrastructure;
Everyone works, no matter what disaster afflicts you;
Unlike some industry giants, we do not compile statistics and do no profiling with our customer data. Confidentiality and security are at the heart of what governs our actions;
No more technicians will have to visit your offices;
You will no longer have to buy expensive servers and equipment;
It will be much more difficult for employees to copy your organization's data;
Your entire environment becomes accessible from anywhere where there is Internet access, with any type of device.



  • Linearity of costs

  • Extended equipment life

  • Amplified IT investment performance

  • Productivity gains

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  • Hassle-free scalability

  • Reliability of systems

  • Accessible from anywhere

  • Total availability in case of disaster

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  • Data protection

  • Prevention of industrial espionage

  • Antivirus protection for all your services

  • Defense against intrusion attempts
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  • Easy to use

  • Accessible from all types of devices

  • Uniformity of the environment

  • Universal technical support

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Cost linearity and expanded return on IT investments

Learn how cloud computing is the ultimate solution to maximize the profitability of your business. Savings are generally in the 30% to 50% range and allow you to reinvest in the development of your own products and services. With our solutions, you only pay for what you actually use. You will no longer have to maintain infrastructure for future needs.

No more buying and financing expensive equipment. With us, you only have one monthly fee based on your usage while having access to an infrastructure worthy of the largest organizations.

Consequently, budgetary planning is excessively simplified. No more financing and leasing costs. The continued devaluation of computer equipment is also a thing of the past.

Extended life of equipment

Because your users access virtual desktops and remote applications, the performance of the device with which they access them is unimportant. You no longer have to replace equipment to satisfy the requirements of your users.

Our solutions are accessible with all types of devices:

  • All Windows and Linux PCs
  • All Apple products
  • All Android tablets and phones.

If you have a device that accesses the Internet, you have a workstation !

The equipment can therefore be used until they definitively die.

Productivity gain

Expect to make substantial gains in productivity at the heart of your business. And here's why:

  • The virtual workspace is uniform and independent of the manipulations that the user can bring to his local device. Performance and availability are therefore always optimal

  • The solution is accessible from anywhere where there is Internet access. This allows your users to access their work tools without complex configuration. A computer at an Internet café can serve as a client. Whether there is a snowstorm or a car breakdown, the employee works

  • When users experience a hardware failure, they do not have to wait to get their equipment repaired in order to regain their work rhythm. They can take any other device, reconnect, and regain their session exactly as they left it


Increased reliability

Because your business cannot afford long periods of business disruption due to IT systems failure, we offer services that provide stability and continuous availability of your services.

Forget backups on remote sites. While this method keeps all of the company's data, it does not give you instant access to your work tools. Often, the restoration has never been tested. In case of disaster, the time it takes to restore your infrastructure so that all employees can resume the normal course of their operations can take several days, or weeks.

The architecture of our infrastructure ensures the unfailing availability of our services:

  • Our environment is replicated at any time between two of our separate data centers (at Cologix) in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, ensuring absolute service availability in the event of a major outage in any part of the country. Each data center is equipped with continuous power supply (UPS) as well as electric generators

  • Our sites are linked by fiber optic links (from provider Fibre Noire)

  • Each of our sites is serviced by a minimum of two world-class Internet service providers, each using a distinct network

  • All our equipment are redundant in a minimum quantity of two of each component (servers, switches, firewall, storage)

  • All communication between our internal components is done with a bandwidth of 10 Gbps (10GSFP + Cu connections) and, if necessary, we can use link aggregation to increase performance

  • All of our storage is based on HP Enterprise SAN technologies and the drives used in production are only SAS and SSD types


Protecting your data

We put everything in place to ensure the protection of your data.

We use the latest world-class security technologies. Whether it is at the level of firewall or anti-intrusion equipment, everything is put in place to validate that only the people with legitimate access to your environment can do so.

Each of our customers finds themselves in a segment of an airtight segregated network that extends beyond the simple VLAN (each client has its own roadmap, commonly referred to as VRF). We then divide the client's network environment into different VLANs with their firewall-protected level 3 gateway, enabling users to be isolated from the company’s servers.

We are also responsible for assisting you in setting up user permissions for accessible resources and files, whether on their virtual desktops or at the level of published applications.

Every virtual workstation, server, or file accessed by users is protected at all times against viruses in a completely transparent way to the users.

We can also prevent the theft of your company's intellectual property by limiting what users can copy outside the environment, and we can also audit all the actions of your users to prevent unauthorized manipulation.


Accessible from all types of devices

It's very simple. With our cloud computing solutions, you and your users have access to your work tools from any device that has Internet access.

Even if you find yourself in a place where you have no device with you, find the first computer in view and access your resources via our secure portal, which requires a browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.).

You can let your employees choose the type of workstation that suits them without the need for maintenance. Since the physical workstation only serves as a client to access the tools, your company's data will never be on it.

We use VMware Horizon technology and it has a client available for all platforms currently in use (even Amazon's Kindle tablet and some Smart TVs).

If your employee wants to work from his Apple laptop or an Android tablet, there is no problem!

Ease of use

We have put everything in place to ensure ease of access. If your users have already used a device to access the Internet, they already know how to use our solutions !

The graphical environment presented once connected is the same one with which the user has been accustomed to for many years.

Tools uniformity

All your employees work on the same platform and access the same tools. When updates are required, they are made for all users in a transparent way. This avoids all the problems associated with users making modifications themselves, and thus reduces the loss of productivity due to illegitimate modifications.

Universal technical support

Our technical support serves our clients from our Montreal office and our technicians speak English or French. We know the frustration of having to cross a language barrier to get service and pay special attention to our customers on that matter.

We will never outsource our customer services. That is a promise.

Because all of our customers use a similar platform, it is easy for our team to quickly identify the cause of an incident.

Since most of the people who are currently employed have been involved in setting up the infrastructure, they know the infrastructure like the back of their hands.

All IT resources under one roof

Given the nature of our business, we are fortunate to have experts in each of the current IT specialties.

For you, doing business with us is the equivalent of consulting a panel of experts generally reserved for large companies.

Whether its architecture, planning your IT projects, security, or even questions about current information technology trends, we'll always have a resource ready to answer your questions on the subject. All of this, without any condescension on our part, because we are aware that technology is a tool that allows you to expand your business and not an end in itself.



The virtual desktop is the way of the future. Discover why.


Our hosting services for virtual servers and published applications will make your management life easier.


Be free from disasters that could affect your operations.


Contact us for a free trial

Whether you're a standalone worker looking for flexibility or a manager looking for solutions to simplify the administration of users’ stations, the virtual desktop is the answer you've been waiting for.

Why would I want to work from a virtual desktop?

There is no shortage of reasons for using this technology, and those who have adopted it will no longer be able to work in other ways.

Here's why:

The virtual workstation provides the user a working environment that runs on their preferred version of Windows, with an office suite and software selected by the client company. Your virtual desktop is always the same whether you access it from an iPad, a browser in an Internet cafe, or your phone.

It is accessible from anywhere and always offers the same performance. In addition, we offer you the possibility to backtrack in case of an issue. If you have installed a software on your virtual desktop that makes it difficult to operate or have inadvertently destroyed a file, there is no problem! One of our administrators can restore the workstation to its functional form in just a few minutes.

Simplify your life by accessing all your resources (workstation, software, files, etc.) via a single window, always using the same login credentials. Whether you are in the workplace or elsewhere, the method of access remains invariable.

In case of theft or loss of your device, there is no stress on your part, because the unit contains no data in itself. In addition, you just have to reconnect to another device to return to your work session as it was when you last logged in.

You only pay for what you use. A single monthly fee is charged for each required workstation. You do not need it anymore? You stop paying for it!

You are no longer required to pay a big price for high-performance equipment. Connecting to the virtual desktop requires minimal local resources.

In addition, you can access the virtual desktop from your preferred device. No matter the brand or technology (PC, Mac, tablets, phones).


High-level infrastructure

Because our infrastructure is built to the highest standards of reliability and performance, it is very difficult for SMEs to compete at this level without major investment on their part.

Therefore, it is better for your organization to entrust the hosting, management, and maintenance of your servers to UBQT. When you consider the costs of purchasing and maintaining your own servers, it seems more economical to free yourself from this burden.

We have all the necessary technology to simplify access to your application servers, file servers, authentication management, your emails, etc.

We make it our duty to be more aggressive in our pricing structure and to beat the prices of the industry giants while offering a personalized and superior service.

Consult one of our experts to find out what the best scenario is to meet your needs.


Be protected from all events

We can assist you in the establishment of a recovery plan, allowing you to continue your operations in the event of a disaster. The cost of implementing such a plan is very reasonable because the replication of your servers is "dormant" until you need it.

Integration is extremely simple if you use VMware virtualization technology, as we are using VMware SRM and vCloud solutions for the establishment of disaster recovery plans.p>

We have repeatedly experimented with the implementation of disaster recovery projects through all the required phases, from architecture to full swing test.



Our email hosting services offers you superior functionality at the most competitive cost. More importantly, we take care to protect the confidentiality of your exchanges. So you can be confident that we're not compiling data and profiling for commercial purposes, as some of our competitors do.

Here's what we offer:

  • Easy migration of your current emails to our hosting service

  • A portal available on the Internet that gives you access to all the features

  • Native integration with Microsoft Outlook (ActiveSync)

  • Manage your notes, contacts, calendar, and tasks in one place

  • The ability to share your emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks with other users

  • Real-time synchronization with all your devices

  • Have your own storage space accessible from anywhere and the ability to publish documents of all types using a simple URL

  • Authentication with your Microsoft domain (Active Directory service)

  • Transfer emails to SMS (text messaging)

Unlike most of our competitors, UBQT uses only its own technologies and does not resell any third-party service. So you can rest assured that your sensitive data is never used for any other purpose than to meet your communication needs.

Contact us for a demonstration and more information.

Click to preview our interfaces available on the web:


IP Phone System

If you are tired of paying too much for your phone system services, we have the solution for you.

Our centralized telephony service offers you the following features:

  • Keeping your current numbers

  • An automated, multilingual (auto-attendant) response system that contains all options to reach your organization's various departments

  • A management interface available on the web

  • An unlimited number of extensions and call groups

  • The ability to transfer extensions to cell phones

  • Receiving voice messages by email

  • Recording all calls on selected extensions

  • Creating priorities for call pickup according to extension groups

  • Selection of “on hold” music according to your tastes

  • Compatible with Cisco IP phones

  • And many more features to suit your needs !

  • We have the confidence to offer the most cost-effective solution on the market while establishing the most professional image for your company.

    Consult one of our experts for a feature demonstration.


In order to simplify our customers’ lives, we offer some equipment that connects to our infrastructure.
We have tested this equipment and we offer them at affordable prices for purchase or rental.


Our thin client computers offer everything you need to connect to a virtual desktop from your workplace. Their small format makes them virtually invisible in your work environment.

They include the following features:

  • Available with one- or two-screen output

  • Connects to a wired or wireless network

  • Plug in headphones or loudspeakers to listen to audio and music from your virtual desktop

  • USB 3.0 ports link your local devices (keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, USB key or disk, etc.) to your virtual desktop


We offer these devices to establish a secure tunnel between your office and our infrastructure.


This model is recommended for companies with an Internet connection with an output of 100 Mbps or less.

Technical specifications :


We recommend this model for companies with an Internet connection with an output between 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps.

Technical specifications :


Our experience at your service

We have extensive consulting experience for medium and large companies. Whether you have architecture, networking, or other IT infrastructure requests, our team of experts has had the privilege of assisting many government agencies, hospitals, banks, and organizations with more than 10,000 users in the implementation of solutions that meet their information technology needs.

Some projects we have worked on:

We proceeded with the architecture and implementation of the cloud infrastructure for the MicroAge franchise network across the country. All franchises access the centralized ERP system on the platform we have set up.

The complete architecture of the environment and the migration of all HARTO/Metafore Technologies inc. servers to our infrastructure was a great success. The cost of operating the infrastructure has been reduced by more than 80% for this company.

When the management team of Créations Joseph Ribkoff inc. wanted to evaluate the state of their IT infrastructures, it called upon our services. It is therefore the UBQT team that oversees the modernization of services and processes as well as the migration of these services to cloud computing.

Come and discuss your needs with our team!


Contact us to get an estimate that will truly meet your budget and expectations

We believe that a custom made solution will always be the best approach for your organization