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IT services company in Montreal (near Laval)

Are you looking for an IT services provider in Montreal that will provide you with data storage and ground-breaking cloud solutions? Opt for a virtual desktop like the one offered by UBQT! We offer various leading-edge solutions for information security and data recovery, regardless of if you live on the island of Montreal, in Laval, Longueuil or anywhere else on the North or South Shore. Contact us today for all your computing needs and if you want to improve your productivity while reducing your operating costs!

First let’s be clear on what cloud computing is. Your data can always be managed through a distant network that you can access with your computer, phone, tablet...but UBQT goes one step further than a simple cloud computing system or the traditional dedicated server. We offer what amounts to a virtual office that will help you go one step further with your IT support in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil.

Our IT service company will help you to do away with the traditional workstations; thanks to a simple internet connection, you’ll be able to access your various work tools from the cloud. You won’t need a computer or a tablet anymore; just a keyboard and a screen and you’re all set! Full access to your virtual workstation!

Otherwise, the methods used to access your tools from our dedicated server are exactly the same as those you’re already using on a daily basis since we duplicate the access procedures to software tools that your company already uses. This way your staff won’t need any additional training because their usual routine will stay the same. Furthermore, we’ll be supporting you from beginning to end on your journey to your new office ‘’in the clouds’’!

For more details about our IT solutions in Montreal and on its North Shore and South Shore, contact UBQT today and let us show you all the possibilities our system provides. With all the latest developments in the world of cloud computing, the expression “the sky's the limit” has taken on a whole new meaning!

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