The ultimate alternative to your current IT services
"Ubiquity." (From the Latin ubique, everywhere) To be present everywhere or in many places simultaneously
  • UBQT offers the best alternative to your current IT services. Say goodbye to spiraling costs and technician visits.
  • We offer infrastructure worthy of the largest organizations and make it accessible to small- and medium-sized businesses.
  • We only use our own infrastructure and are not reselling any third party’s solutions.
  • All of our data centers are located in Canada.
  • Our support resources are located in Montreal and communicate in both official languages.
  • With UBQT, discover all the benefits of cloud computing without sacrificing the confidentiality of your activities.
  • Rather than solely being a cloud services provider, we support you through all the phases of IT improvement.
  • We do not claim to be the biggest. Only the best!


Never before has it been more crucial for small- and medium-sized enterprises to reduce their IT costs while ensuring the availability of their services.

Large companies have enjoyed the benefits of cloud computing for many years now and have used this technology to open new avenues to increase revenue, reach new market segments, improve productivity, and increase product offerings and services.

Why not let your business gain from these benefits? This is where UBQT services come in!

Our firm is dedicated to supporting your company so that it benefits from the same technological advantages as the biggest organizations.

Rise beyond the clouds with UBQT !


At its simplest, cloud computing is about putting all your IT infrastructure (servers, workstations, applications, etc.) outside your premises and making them accessible from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

Until now, users have run applications locally on their workstations or on a set of servers in their workplace. Cloud computing allows these users to access these same applications from anywhere, with any type of device. For the company, this makes it possible to secure the company’s data on infrastructures that are protected from breakdowns and potential disasters.

Everyone gets their share. Your company executives can now exclude management of IT infrastructures from their daily operations , and users are offered greater flexibility.

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In one word, yes !

Most businesses transitioning to cloud computing save a minimum of 30% on their IT costs. In many cases, savings can exceed 50% !

Consider the following costs:

  • The cost of acquiring and replacing the company's equipment
  • Purchase of access licenses for different software
  • Equipment configuration and maintenance
  • Power consumption
  • Loss of productivity in case of breakdown

Now, imagine not having to carry out the management of an IT infrastructure while paying only for what you and your users actually use. The financial planning of your IT suddenly becomes very simple.

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No one will blame you for being too conscientious about these issues because your data is often the essence of your business value.

However, storing all of your data on workstations and servers in your offices is the biggest threat to the security of your data.

A workstation can be stolen or hacked, just as your servers are at the mercy of a breakdown or a disaster.

Most SMEs do not have a recovery plan in case of a disaster, and those with one have never tested it in most cases. Statistics show that 75% of SMEs that are victims of a major disaster (flood, fire, explosion, etc.) go out of business afterward due to the fact that they have lost all the data essential to their day-to-day business.

With our solutions, whether your office goes on fire, an employee’s laptop has been stolen, or there is a blizzard, no data is compromised and everyone works !

The fact that everything is transmitted on the Internet is not an issue because we use data encryption algorithms that are superior to those currently used by Canadian banks.

High performance and business continuity are at the heart of our offered services. Our entire infrastructure is replicated in practically real- time on a minimum of two geographically distinct sites (all in Canada). Each site is equipped with multiple redundancy facilities (each component is present in a minimum of two units, up to 16 units in some cases ). We use only HP Enterprise equipment, offering robustness and legendary performances.


Your cloud services are accessible with all types of devices (all PCs, all Apple products [Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad], all products running Android (tablets and phones), including workstations your users currently use.

Because the hardware resources required to connect are minimal, you will not need to replace your users' devices until they break down permanently.

You can also decide to let your employees use the equipment they like. You will no longer have to manage the equipment since no data from your organization will reside on it.

One advantage of our solution is that when users experience a hardware failure with their workstation, they can use any other device within reach to regain access to their working tools.

When your old equipment becomes unusable and needs to be replaced, we offer workstations for a minimal fraction of the price your current equipment costs.

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Our mission is to support small- and medium-sized businesses in their migration to cloud computing. Above all, we emphasize the protection of your data and of your processes to ensure that no third party uses this data for commercial purposes such as advertising profiling. That's why we use only our own solutions and do not resell any technology from the industry giants.

At the heart of our values, you will find irreproachable ethic and a conscientious concern for the environment guiding our technological choices. We ensure that all the energy required to operate our infrastructures at data centers is generated by hydro-electricity.

We are aware that you do not have the time or resources to devote to understanding a bunch of acronyms and technical terms. That's why we focus on simplicity.

At UBQT, you will not find any complex calculation grid, no automated tool. Above all, we want to address the needs of your company and not those of technical specifications.

Ultimately, our goal is that you will no longer need internal staff and that all of your IT management requires as many resources as your water dispenser.


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