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No, you can stop using our services whenever you want, and we plan a release procedure in all our customer agreements from the very beginning so that all parties feel comfortable.

In this case, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Take the following example:

You might be independent of the companies supplying electricity by procuring your own generators. However, it will cost you a lot more and you will never achieve the same level of service stability.

The same reasoning applies to us. We take charge of your organization’s IT so that you can benefit a certain technological advantage, save on your operating costs, and concentrate primarily on your specialty.
To begin, our encryption algorithms use a level of security superior to that of the banks (256 bits for us vs 128 bits for the banks).

It should also be understood that what a user accesses on his device contains no data . What the user sees on his screen is literally only a "view" of transactions taking place on our infrastructure.

Therefore, the only remaining way an unauthorized person can access data is through theft of login details . So we put all the procedures in place to make this very difficult. We can also use a dual authentication factor. Various technologies exist to achieve this, but the simplest is that the user receives a code via SMS on his mobile phone when he tries to connect. It is therefore necessary to have the username, the password, the telephone, and a PIN to be able to usurp the account.
Il est légitime de penser que vous perdrez le contrôle de vos données en allant vers des solutions infonuagiques. Il s’agît en fait du contraire. Lorsque vos données se trouvent sur des serveurs tournant localement, vous avez en fait l’illusion d’être en sécurité.

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of what could impact the security of your data comes from the actions of members within your organization. Whether it's manipulation that affects overall performance, theft of information, or destruction of data, your biggest breach comes from your own employees. Most of the time they act in a considerate way without suspecting the impacts of their actions.

We ensure that only those with the necessary privileges have access to your organization's information at all times. We have all the tools to examine the actions of all as well as a wide range of strategies to help you keep control over what you value most.
Absolutely! Apart from the physical loss of the device, you have lost nothing. No data is compromised and you only have to reconnect with another device to regain your session in the same state as your last visit.
If you wish, we can periodically archive your emails and company data based on the type of support you favor. We can also implement a tailor-made archiving strategy for your company.
Yes, of course. We encountered this scenario with some customers and found a solution that pleased all parties. In some cases, we have bought out our customers' equipment and even hired some of their IT resources. We have great faith in the fact that when there is a will, there is a way !
When a technician has to perform maintenance on a user’s virtual desktop, the user is notified on his screen and must accept the access to his workstation. The configuration we have in place ensures that the user is informed even if only a "view" is taken of the workstation.
During the initial migration, we make it a duty to replicate the method your employees use to access their work tools. It takes only a few minutes to achieve the same result for the user.
If we discover that you are using our infrastructure for such use, we will fully cooperate with the authorities to terminate your business.