UBQT was founded by a group of IT infrastructure specialists who became aware that cloud computing would be fully accepted in the future, thus most companies would no longer host their own infrastructure in a window of 3 to 7 years.

Understanding clearly that they would find themselves without a job or a mandate once the cycle is completed, and knowing that the biggest opportunities often present themselves in sinister form at first, the founders decided to take advantage of their situation and to offer their expertise to local SMEs in their journey toward cloud computing

Because operating without virtual workstations and centralized infrastructure had become unthinkable to the team, , it was with unwavering faith that the team was given the mandate to convince small- and medium-sized businesses of the benefits of cloud technologies

It was on these premises that a first draft of a business plan had materialized, which was followed by more than a year of intensive work to put in place the infrastructure necessary to offer our services.

We are willing to offer you the service you and your company deserve—the best of ourselves.

You will find in us a true appreciation for the client-provider relationship that values integrity.

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You are already aware of who you are, now find out who you could become.
Listening to our people

Becoming a member of our team means being an integral part of the management team.

We literally use a success recipe stating that you just have to follow the recommendations of both employees and customers.

We are confident that this approach will enable us to collectively and individually achieve unmatched potential.

Talent takes precedence over CV

Many times during our years of experience, we have had the opportunity to observe many cases in which employees were laden with qualifications and diplomas, yet struggled to come up with concrete solutions to the problems we encountered.

On the other hand, we have also witnessed a number of situations where people who did not necessarily have the prerequisites on paper successfully solved problems that were considered insurmountable. .

We invite you to apply for a position with us, based solely on what you think you can accomplish. Do you see yourself occupying an IT position? Come and convince us in person!

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Imagination as a driving force

If there is a quality that we appreciate above all else, it is the ability to be creative and a certain amount of improvisation.

We are convinced that this is what will enable us to achieve better results while innovating in a perpetual way.


Because humor does not kill...

"Without UBQT, I would have never won this fight against Goliath."

- David

"If I had known, I would have hosted my emails at UBQT."

- Hilary Rodham Clinton

"Their strategies are worthy of mine!"

- Napoleon Bonaparte

"In terms of ethics, UBQT is my reference."

- King Solomon